Manufacturing Successes

In a strategic collaboration with our client, a leading air filter subscription company, we embarked on a journey to secure capital funding. The initial challenge was to fulfill the stringent technology due diligence requirements set by potential investors. We leveraged our expertise in technology assessment and risk management to meticulously evaluate the client's technology assets, infrastructure, and capabilities. This rigorous process not only satisfied the investors' due diligence requirements but also highlighted the robustness and potential of the client's technology portfolio, leading to successful capital funding.

The onboarding and off-boarding process was a critical area of focus. We recognized the need for a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly process that could enhance the overall experience for new hires and exiting employees. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and automation tools, we transformed the onboarding and off-boarding process, making it faster, more efficient, and highly intuitive. This technological overhaul significantly improved the user experience and reduced the time and resources required for these processes.

Managing a $5M IT budget is no small feat. Our team took a strategic approach to IT budget management, ensuring optimal allocation and utilization of resources while maintaining a keen focus on achieving business objectives. We implemented robust financial controls and monitoring mechanisms to track IT spending and ensure alignment with the budget.

In the realm of contract compliance, we prioritized the protection of personally identifiable information (PII). We implemented stringent data protection measures and controls to ensure compliance with PII standards. Our efforts resulted in enhanced data security and trust among our clients and stakeholders.

Our advanced security measures not only met but surpassed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. We implemented a comprehensive data protection framework that included advanced encryption, secure data storage, and robust access controls. These measures significantly reduced data-related risks and ensured compliance with global data protection regulations.

Post-investment, we led the divestiture process, ensuring a seamless transition for both organizations. We meticulously planned and executed the divestiture process, addressing potential challenges and mitigating risks. Our efforts ensured a smooth transition with minimal disruption to business operations.

This success story is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. It highlights our expertise in technology assessment, process optimization, budget management, data protection, and transition management. We continue to leverage our capabilities to drive success for our clients and create value for their stakeholders.

Raleigh, NC

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