Start-Up Successes


HeroLink, a pre-revenue start-up, was founded with a mission to support our nation's heroes by providing them with unique income-generating opportunities. However, as a start-up, HeroLink faced several challenges. They needed to build a robust e-commerce platform to facilitate these opportunities, but they lacked the technical expertise and resources to do so. They also needed a comprehensive IT strategy to guide their efforts and mitigate potential IT risks.

That's when HeroLink turned to GiG CIO. GiG CIO offers Fractional CIO consulting, advisory, and leadership services, providing the expertise of a proven leader and trusted partner to navigate IT strategies. This arrangement allowed HeroLink to access the expertise of a CIO without the cost of a full-time hire.

GiG CIO worked closely with HeroLink to understand their specific needs and challenges. They responded to HeroLink's e-commerce Request for Proposal (RFP) with a comprehensive proposal that outlined a strategic approach to building the e-commerce platform. This included a technical business plan that detailed the technology stack, architecture, and resources needed to build and maintain the platform.

GiG CIO also provided a detailed IT risk mitigation plan. This plan outlined potential IT risks, such as cybersecurity threats and data breaches, and provided strategies to mitigate these risks. This included implementing robust security measures, regular system audits, and a disaster recovery plan.

With GiG CIOs' help, HeroLink was able to successfully build their e-commerce platform. The platform was robust, secure, and scalable, capable of supporting HeroLink's unique needs. The technical business plan provided by GiG CIO served as a roadmap for HeroLink, guiding their technology decisions and helping them optimize their technology investments.

The IT risk mitigation plan provided by GiG CIO also proved invaluable. It helped HeroLink proactively address potential IT risks, ensuring the security and integrity of their platform and data. This gave HeroLink the confidence to focus on their mission, knowing that their IT needs were being handled by experts.  HeroLink continues to work with GiG CIO, leveraging their expertise to navigate the ever-changing IT landscape. With GiG CIO by their side, HeroLink is confident in their ability to overcome any IT challenges that may arise in the future, allowing them to focus on their mission of supporting our nation's heroes.

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