Matthew Draper
Owner & CIO



A Decorated U.S.M.C. Veteran and Tech Vanguard with extensive Start-Up Expertise and a Proven Track Record in Leading Digital Transformations

Matthew's career is a vivid embodiment of service, leadership, and technology mastery, seamlessly interweaving his robust military background with an accomplished track record in the tech sector. His professional journey began in the United States Marine Corps, where he sharpened his tactical and strategic skills over 16 years of combat experience, with a particular focus on military communication training. This discipline and strategic thinking instilled during his service years form the cornerstone of his approach to technology and business.

Matthew's technology career spans an impressive 27 years, during which he has navigated an array of roles, accumulating an extensive wealth of knowledge. One of his key areas of expertise lies in ECommerce and ERP selection, where he has significantly aided businesses in choosing systems that enhance operational efficiency and align with their unique needs.

Notably, Matthew's professional acumen also encompasses vast experience in nurturing start-ups. From pre-revenue newcomers finding their footing to established entities striving for greater heights, Matthew has been the guiding force behind many success stories, steering these companies towards growth and success.

In 2017, his passion for technology, coupled with his vision for aligning it seamlessly with business objectives, led Matthew to establish a successful consulting firm. His mission was clear: empower businesses to synchronize their tech strategies with their unique goals and deliver customized solutions that drive growth and deliver success.

Today, Matthew distinguishes himself in offering comprehensive IT and security solutions to organizations. As a Chief Information Officer and Fractional CIO, he has exhibited mastery across a broad spectrum of domains, such as information and cyber security, IT governance, strategic planning, and IT operations and support. His leadership approach, forged in the crucible of military service and refined in the tech industry, positions him as a trusted partner for organizations aiming to amplify their technological prowess.

Moreover, Matthew's expertise spans the intricate realm of mergers and acquisitions due diligence. His diligent eye ensures a comprehensive assessment of all technology-related aspects during critical business transitions. His robust team leadership skills, honed on the battlefield and tested in the fast-paced tech industry, enable him to lead organizations through the often complex and challenging technological landscapes with dexterity.

Organizations can confidently navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape under Matthew's expert guidance. His extensive experience, deep-rooted proficiency in ECommerce, ERP selection skills, and unique insights into the start-up ecosystem make him an invaluable asset. His rare ability to fuse disciplined military strategy with tech industry acumen can propel any business forward, irrespective of its size or industry.

Reach out to Matthew today to uncover how his versatile range of skills can bolster your IT and security objectives, and chart a course towards a future where your business stands resilient, adaptable, and ready to embrace the tech challenges that lie ahead.


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